Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in 2024 matchup on eve of SOTU address

 February 6, 2023

A new poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News found that former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in a hypothetical matchup in 2024 just ahead of Biden's State of the Union address on Tuesday.

The poll found that Trump's support rating is sitting at 48% which is 3% ahead of Biden's at 45%.

What should worry the White House is that this survey marks a 5-point swing since September when President Biden was leading Trump.

This poll also doesn't take into account the impact that the Chinese spy balloon story will have on Americans' opinions of Joe Biden's ability to lead the nation going forward.

President Biden is set to address the nation on Tuesday night and there is no doubt the president and his speech writers have had to change a lot since China brazenly flew a spy balloon over the entire continental United States.

Trump was left for dead politically after the 2020 election but now Democrats have a legitimate reason to worry about him in the next presidential election.