Donald Trump Leading Ron DeSantis By 37 Points

 April 8, 2023

If you would have told me this back around 2022 midterm elections, I would have never believed you.

Donald Trump is DESTROYING Ron DeSantis by 37 percentage points in a hypothetical Republican primary matchup.

As little as a couple weeks ago, Donald Trump was only leading 44% to 30%. Now, his margin has grown and stands at 58% to 21%.

Donald Trump really has nearly triple the support as the governor in a head-to-head matchup.

DeSantis hasn't really had that many missteps recently, Donald Trump has just been on one heck of a heater. He was stumbling around midterms, when his endorsements didn't do all that well and a small feud with Melania Trump over Dr. Oz's Pennsylvania Senate loss made it seem as though Donald Trump was finished as far as leading the GOP goes.

But since Trump's two big announcements, he's back in a big way. The first was his digital trading card collection, which sold out almost instantly. The next was his announcement that he was pursuing the presidency in 2024.

After that, a bogus indictment proved that Trump has been right about the "witch hunt" against him all along.

That's all the proof America needed to get behind Trump again.

Only time will tell just how high he can go this time.