Poll: Donald Trump Jumps Up To 62%

 April 27, 2023

Republican primary voters have not been this high on Donald Trump in quite some time.

Nor have they been this low on Ron DeSantis in quite some time.

While these two are clearly America's top two choices to represent Republicans in 2024, surveys used to report that the two were 1A and 1B as far as ranking was concerned.

Not anymore.

Trump's rating is shooting up and DeSantis' just keeps sliding.

Around the time of 2022 midterms, when Ron DeSantis was soaring and Trump was skidding after his endorsements underperformed, the two were basically neck and neck at the top of the GOP.

By January, Trump had opened up a little lead of about 26 points. He was beating DeSantis 55% to 29% at that time.

It's not NEARLY that close a few months later.

These days, Trump holds a shocking 46-point lead. Over 60% of Republicans are favoring Trump right now, with DeSantis well under 20%.

It's only going to get worse for Ron if he doesn't declare soon. And if he doesn't declare at all? Well, then this was pretty pointless, wasn't it?