Donald Trump Jr. says DeSantis could face same 'weaponization' as Trump

By Jen Krausz on
 April 12, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. said on the Full Send podcast that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may seem like a less-damaged candidate than his father, the former president right now, but that the same "weaponization" is likely to be used against him as has been with Trump.

“He tried sort of taking the Trump approach, like, maybe war bad and then, like, the donors — that’s a difference,” he said, explaining that DeSantis “sort of took a, like a weak Trump stance on it, you know, and then he was like, well, we must stop it."

Trump Jr. said that his father is not beholden to donors or the establishment class, arguing that DeSantis is.

DeSantis initially didn't want to be involved with Trump's indictment even though Trump resides in Florida.

After saying his administration would not get involved, he later said Florida would not participate in any extradition proceedings.

“If you can’t call out like literally the weaponization of governmental institutions against your citizens — come on, guys,” Don Jr. said.