Donald Trump Jr. laments 'steep learning curve' dealing with deep state

By Jen Krausz on
 July 20, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. said in a Breitbart News interview on Saturday that there was an "incredibly steep" learning curve in figuring out who to surround yourself with in Washington, D.C., but that his father now knows "who the snakes are" after serving four years as the nation's top executive.

“I think the learning curve has been incredibly steep. Right? You come in as an outsider,” he said at Turning Point.

He said it takes a while to learn how Washington works, but that now his father has the town pegged.

"Now you got a guy that actually knows and wants to do something about [and] fully understands just how bad that problem is,” he said about his father.

It is an advantage Trump has that no other Republican running has, which is that he is four years further along on the learning curve when it comes to what he calls the "swamp" -- unelected bureaucrats in federal agencies and appointed officials that may or may not be loyal.

He has pledged to "drain the swamp," and if he hopes to make it through four more years as president, he had better keep his pledge.