Donald Trump Jr. claims his ex-wife was afraid of 'Diddy,' adding that Kim Porter's death is suspicious

 April 20, 2024

Famous rapper and producer Sean 'Diddy' Combs' shocked the world after he made headlines earlier this month after the feds raided his homes with regard to potential sex trafficking concerns, among other egregious possible crimes.

Shocking stories have emerged about the rapper in the wake of the federal law enforcement raid, and Donald Trump Jr., according to the Daily Mail, shared another bombshell revelation about Combs regarding his ex-wife.

In a recent interview on the AKADEMIKS podcast, Trump Jr. shared a disturbing story regarding his ex-wife, Vanessa Kay Trump, and how she was afraid of Combs.

He also talked about how he learned from his ex-wife that something weird was going on between Combs and his late, long-term girlfriend Kim Porter. While Porter reportedly died of pneumonia, Trump Jr. suggested that there may be far more to that story.

Trump Jr. spoke about his pre-politics days when he would be invited to celebrity parties. He recalled a story about his ex-wife crying foul on Porter's death.

"My ex-wife was really good friends with Kim Porter... When [Porter died], Vanessa called me and said, 'something is up with that.'"

He added, "[Porter] was really afraid of [Diddy] ... this goes back years, and she was having these conversations with my ex..."

"She was always sort of always in fear of something happening ... and I was like, not a lot of people die at 47 of pneumonia.... and I'm not trying to fuel any kind of rumor but that's a conversation I had with someone who knew her well," Trump Jr. continued.

Combs' homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by the feds, and the rapper's lawyers downplayed the situation and blamed the government's use of excessive "military force" in the raids.

"Yesterday, there was a gross overuse of military-level force as search warrants were executed at Mr Combs' residences," attorney Aaron Dyer said.

"There is no excuse for the excessive show of force and hostility exhibited by authorities or the way his children and employees were treated," he added. "Mr. Combs was never detained but spoke to and cooperated with authorities. Despite media speculation, neither Mr Combs nor any of his family members have been arrested nor has their ability to travel been restricted in any way."

The raids came in the wake of the rapper being hit with multiple lawsuits " alleging sexual assault, rape, and other crimes."

Only time will tell what becomes of the rapper.