Donald Trump Jr. and Nigel Farage go to Australia for conservative conference

By Jen Krausz on
 June 8, 2023

The UK Daily Mail reported Tuesday that Donald Trump Jr. and Nigel Farage, the champion of Brexit in England, are set to go to Australia in July for a conservative conference in three locations there.

Trump and Farage will be joined by liberal Australian Senator Alex Antic on the tour, where the three will discuss "the disease of woke identity politics and cancel culture."

"Australia is really in need of some proper conservative leadership," Farage told the Daily Mail in Australia.

Farage said that on a previous visit in 2022, he was deluged with people asking him for help to move the country in a more conservative direction.

'The authoritarian approach the government took during Covid has had a lasting effect, and the Australian people are paying attention to politics now," he said. Antic opposed the government's strict lockdowns during the pandemic.

The tour will stop in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.