Donald Trump Issues Statement About Future Of America

January 9, 2023

Former President Donald Trump said the Republican Party's speaker negotiations and outcome will ultimately benefit the party.

Trump, who continues to reiterate his support of Rep. Kevin McCarthy, said the GOP will be a "stronger" party and "more united" after the debates.

"Very good things are happening behind the scenes for the Republican Party. Intense but Smart negotiations between GREAT and PATRIOTIC people are ongoing," said Trump. "They all love our Country, and want something to go forward, ASAP."

"This 'event' will end up making the Republican Party STRONGER and more UNITED than ever before. OUR NATION IS AT STAKE," Trump added.

"Upon Trump renewing his endorsement of McCarthy after he failed to win the gavel on Tuesday, Gaetz, a longtime ally of the former president, publicly opposed Trump’s endorsement, calling it 'sad,'" reports Breitbart.

"This changes neither my view of McCarthy, nor Trump, nor my vote," Gaetz said.

"On the other side of the debate, [Rep. Marjorie Taylor] Greene has been a consistent McCarthy backer. She praised the former president’s statement as an effort to unite the party," reports Breitbart.

"Thank you, President Trump, for continuing to be the leader of the Republican party and helping our conference unite," she said in a tweet. "We are ready to get to work to Make America Great Again!"

Source: Breitbart