Donald Trump In PURE Rage Over Paxton Impeachment...

Former President Donald Trump hammered Texas Governor Greg Abbott for his failure to support Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Paxton was impeached over the weekend for multiple allegations of misconduct.

Trump, who is a friend and longtime supporter of Paxton, said the AG is "one of the most hard working and effective Attorney Generals in the United States."

The former president's comments about Paxton came just hours before the state House of Representatives, which is Republican led, voted to impeach Paxton.

The impeachment came in light of 20 counts against Paxton, including bribery and the abuse of public trust.

Abbott will now be in charge of appointing an interim attorney general, and Trump slammed him for his silence regarding Paxton and the impeachment.

"MISSING IN ACTION! Where is the Governor of Texas on his Attorney General's Impeachment?" Trump wrote in a Truth Social post.

Before the debate over Paxton's impeachment began in the House, Trump spoke out about his support of Paxton.

Trump called the Texas House Speaker and facilitator of the impeachment, Dad Phelan, a "Republican in name only."

"The RINO Speaker of the House of Texas, Dade Phelan, who is barely a Republican at all and failed the test on voter integrity, wants to impeach one of the most hard working and effective Attorney Generals in the United States, Ken Paxton, who just won re-election with a large number of American Patriots strongly voting for him," Trump wrote.

"You would think that any issue would have been fully adjudicated by the voters of Texas, especially when that vote was so conclusive…." Trump added.

"Paxton has been under criminal indictment since 2015 over conduct from before he took office but was reelected in both 2018 and 2022. In 2014, he admitted that he breached Texas laws by failing to register as an 'investment advisor' while soliciting clients," the Daily Mail reports.