Donald Trump holds hypothetical 2024 lead

November 16, 2022

Former President Donald Trump isn't as popular among Republicans as he once was, but anybody who thinks that the star of The Apprentice is going away anytime soon has another thing coming.

Not only is Donald Trump hanging around, recent reports show that he is still WINNING.

A recent Politico poll found that in a potential matchup in 2024 of heavyweight Republicans, Donald Trump was being backed at a 47% clip. Ron DeSantis lagged behind at just around 33%.

Donald Trump may be winning right now, but this isn't quite the lead he once had.

At the beginning of November, Trump had a 22-point lead.

In July, it was 40%.

In June, it was 44%.

Ron is catching up, slowly but surely.

Until that happens though, there's still a top dog. Right now, it's Donald, not DeSantis.

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