Donald Trump heading to East Palestine, OH to visit site of train derailment

 February 19, 2023

Former President Donald Trump announced that he will be traveling to East Palestine, Ohio next week and surveying the damage done by the Norfolk Southern trail derailment.

Fox News’s Garrett Tenney confirmed Trump's plans in a tweet saying, "A source familiar confirms to Fox News that former President Trump will visit East Palestine, OH, on Wednesday to tour the damage of the Norfolk Southern derailment and cleanup efforts."

East Palestine has been in crisis since authorities conducted a “controlled release" on five derailed cars containing vinyl chloride. The decision to burn those toxic chemicals has polluted a massive era as well as a critical water source for millions of Americans.

Neither President Biden nor Biden’s transportation secretary, Pete Buttigieg, have visited the site of the disaster although that may change with Trump's upcoming trip.

The Biden administration has seemingly determined that the East Palestine situation isn't worth its time and attention.

Donald Trump visiting the site demonstrates that he seems to care about Americans far more than President Biden does. This will be remembered by Americans affected by the disaster when the presidential election in 2024 rolls around.