Donald Trump has a massive 33-point lead in Iowa over Republican competitors

 September 24, 2023

Former President Donald Trump has effectively won the Iowa caucus contest, as a Trafalgar Group survey found that he has a massive 33-point lead over his Republican competitors.

The survey asked voters, "If the 2024 Republican Caucus were tomorrow, who would you most likely support for President?"

Fully 49% of the survey respondents said that Trump was their man for the nomination, giving him a 33% lead over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who captured the support of 16% of survey respondents.

No other candidate managed to get double-digit support, reinforcing the two-man race between Trump and DeSantis despite the general decline of the latter's presidential campaign.

Trump's campaign has described the Iowa race as an opportunity to deliver a “knockout punch” that would destroy DeSantis' hopes and force him to bow out of the race.

Iowa has been declared for Trump by many Republicans, as he has had the most vocal and organic support.