Donald Trump expected to sweep West Virginia in 2024

 April 23, 2023

Former President Donald Trump is expected to sweep every county in West Virginia according to a prediction from West Virginia State House Delegate Josh Holstein.

Holstein endorsed Trump for president in 2024 and he told Breitbart News that "President Trump won every county in West Virginia in 2016, in 2020, both in the primaries and in the general elections. And I fully anticipate that he’ll do the exact same in 2024. I’m proud to support him and help him any way that I can because I believe that our people here in this state need more leadership in the White House, and we have trust and leadership under Trump."

West Virginia has shifted from a Democrat stronghold to a shoo-in state for Trump thanks to the Democrat Party's embrace of the climate agenda and subsequent abandonment of West Virginia coal miners.

Holstein pointed out that, "Our West Virginia State Legislature was under 88 years of Democratic control consecutively up until 2014. So it’s not like this is a deeply red state that’s always been traditionally Republican, but Donald Trump changed that. And, you know, the folks here that had been so loyal to the Democrat Party over the years had the rug pulled out from underneath them all for a globalist climate agenda."

Democrats made a massive mistake by abandoning whole swaths of the country, and that is why Republicans still stand a chance when it comes to presidential elections.

Trump hopes to exploit Democrat's mistakes in order to take Joe Biden down in 2024. West Virginia's electoral votes will go a long way to defeating Biden and reclaiming the White House.