Donald Trump dominating Republican primary field and general election projections following indictment

 April 3, 2023

The indictment of Donald Trump has incensed Republican and moderate voters, and now Trump has jumped to a massive lead over his Republican competitors as well as a big lead over President Joe Biden in the general election.

Pollster John McLaughlin, who is considered by many to be the Republican Party's best pollster, surveyed 1,000 general election voters immediately following the news of Trump's indictment by Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg.

The poll found that Trump is leading Biden by 4%, with 47% of respondents supporting Trump to 43% supporting Biden.

That same poll also found that Trump has 51% support, which is a massive lead over his nearest competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has 21% support.

McLaughlin noted, "In a full-field ballot test of 14 potential Republican candidates, President Trump leads with 51%, DeSantis 21%, Mike Pence 6%, Nikki Haley 4%, and everyone else is at 2% or less,” McLaughlin wrote in the memo. “In our January survey, President Trump led the field with 43%, and DeSantis was at 31%. Trump’s lead has gone from 12 points to 30 points."

The indictment has made Trump even stronger, and a race that looked tight a couple of months ago has swung decidedly in Trump's favor. A lot can still change, but for now, this is Donald Trump's race to lose.