Donald Trump Death Notice Shocks Nation - Witch Hunt Turns Into...

July 23, 2022

Stephen Miller has some strong ideas about the legacy of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America:

It would be a lot greater if not for the witch hunts and unequal justice that has plagued his tenure in politics.

Speaking about the January 6 Committee and the Russia hoax, Miller said on Hannity that "equal justice in America is dead."

Dead. Gone. Finished.

All because they hated that Donald Trump was making it okay to love your country again.

"What we have is Third World justice," Miller claimed. "Donald Trump has been the victim for six years now of unrelenting phony investigations, persecutions, witch hunts, partisan attacks from Congress, from the DOJ, from the FBI, from the deep state, from the democrats, from New York State. It never ends."

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