Donald Trump blasts Mitch McConnell as a 'China-loving politician'

 March 6, 2023

Former President Donald Trump used his speech at CPAC on Saturday to blast Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other establishment Republicans as “China-loving politicians."

Trump's CPAC speech was a declaration of war against his enemies in the Republican Party even as Trump prepares to take on President Joe Biden in next year's presidential election.

During his speech, Trump stated, "We are never going to be a country ruled by entrenched political dynasties in both parties, rotten special interest, China-loving politicians, of which there are many. You listening to this Mitch McConnell? Are you listening?"

Trump didn't just stop at tearing into his Republican enemies. He also tore into the media saying that America is done with the "militant left wing news media that’s either frightened of telling the truth or is truly evil."

By all metrics, CPAC was a major success for Trump as he won the straw poll on who CPAC attendees preferred for the 2024 GOP presidential nominee.

Trump took home 62% of CPAC attendees while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was second with just 20% of CPAC attendees choosing him over Trump in 2024.