Donald Trump blasts Joe Biden for abandoning Panama Canal to China

 August 7, 2023

Former President Donald Trump recently conducted an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, and during that interview, he blasted President Joe Biden for allowing China to take over the Panama Canal.

Trump stated, "They’re taking over the Panama Canal that we lost tens of thousands of people building because of the mosquitos, right? Malaria. They’re taking over the Panama Canal from Panama. They’re running it. We built it. We stupidly gave it to Panama for a dollar, stupidly. How stupid was that? We gave it to Panama. That was Jimmy Carter. We gave it to Panama for one dollar. How stupid was that? We lost thousands and thousands of people building the Panama Canal. It was like building in hell, and we hand it over for one dollar. Now China takes it over. It’s not even believable. That we allow this stuff to happen is not even believable."

It is interesting how Democrats have made it a habit of mishandling the Panama Canal, which is a key piece of international trade infrastructure that connects the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.

Trump continued by saying, "He abandoned the country. He abandoned our country. Look, the biggest story — one of them of many I guess — but the biggest story that the papers don’t write about is what you just said, is Cuba. They are building military operations right now in Cuba. The papers don’t even want to talk about it. When I heard that I said that will take care of itself because there will be a mad on rush in the United States when they hear it. But you don’t hear it."

Biden has been a disaster, and no president in American history has done more to diminish our influence in the world.

Ceding control of one of the most important pieces of infrastructure to China will have disastrous consequences, and Trump is the only one with a plan to deal with it.