Trump blasts FBI over use of deadly force authorization for Mar-a-Lago raid

The FBI's raid of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence was a shocking moment in American history. But over a year later, the revelation that the FBI was authorized to use deadly force against Trump and his family has ignited outrage.

Trump responded to the discovery by telling Americans that he and his family were in mortal danger and that they “escaped death” as it would have only taken one unfortunate turn of luck for that raid to become fatal.

Democrats have scrambled to respond to this new bombshell and have resorted to downplaying Trump's concerns. The FBI argues that the use of deadly force is standard, and the mainstream media has taken that narrative and ran with it.

The issue is that the raid on Trump's residence was anything but standard and the authorization of deadly force should not have been allowed.

The FBI's recklessness created a scenario where a former president and now leading presidential candidate could have been shot and killed. Trump has pointed out that had he been there, the ability for the deep state to carry out an assassination was more than plausible.

One can only imagine the outrage had President Joe Biden been treated like Trump has, but we will never know for sure, as Biden has been handled with kid gloves compared to Trump.