Donald Trump Appealing Decision In E. Jean Carroll Lawsuit

That didn't take long.

Former President Donald J. Trump's attorneys filed a notice on May 11 to appeal the $5,000,000 judgement awarded to E. Jean Carrol in her recent civil lawsuit against Trump.

Unfortunately for Trump, a nine-member jury on May 9 found Trump liable for sexual battery and for defaming Carroll. She was awarded $5,000,000 in total damages.

Two million dollars of that was as a result of the sexual battery claim, and the other three million was for defamation.

Trump indicated almost immediately that he would appeal the judgement, and his lawyers got to work quickly. They formally started the appeal process on May 11.

Trump's team is upset that certain things were not allowed to be entered into evidence, such as Carroll's cat being named "vagina" or the fact that Carroll referred to her African American husband as an "ape."

"I had a picture taken years ago with her and her husband — nice guy — John Johnson. He was a newscaster, very nice man. She called him an ape. Happens to be African American, called him an ape. The judge wouldn’t allow us to put that in," Trump said.