Donald Trump announces he will not rejoin Twitter despite account reinstatement

November 22, 2022

Former President Donald Trump reaffirmed his commitment to remaining off Twitter despite being unbanned by Twitter's new boss, Elon Musk.

Trump stated that "Truth Social has been very, very powerful, very, very strong, and I'll be staying there."

Trump further clarified that he believes there are "a lot of problems at Twitter" that Truth Social doesn't suffer from.

Nonetheless, Trump's announcement shocked many as it was expected that Trump would jump at a chance to return to Twitter.

A poll run by Musk on whether Trump should be reinstated attracted 15 million votes in favor of restoring the former President's Twitter account. That level of participation and user interaction on Twitter is extraordinary and signals that Musk's leadership is pulling in millions of users.

Trump is committed to Truth Social and he believes it will compete with Twitter, Elon Musk or no Elon Musk.

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