Vox: Donald Trump 'already won' Supreme Court immunity case

 April 23, 2024

Vox isn't exactly known for being friendly to conservatives, so this announcement they just made lets you know how serious the situation really is:

They're reporting that "Donald Trump already won" his case in the Supreme Court.

That's because the people there know what Donald's real goal is, and our former president has already accomplished it.

Trump probably never expected America's Supreme Court to just bang the gavel and say that all of Donald's problems should go away, but that's probably never what his intention was in the first place.

The former president knows that he has a FAR better chance of simply winning the Oval Office before a verdict is reached in his trials than he does of beating all of the cases individually, so that's what he's trying to do.

Donald went to the Supreme Court not to get a decision, but to get a delay.

He's already accomplished his goal and then some.

When even liberals like those at Vox are willing to admit it, you know Trump's making SERIOUS progress.