Donald Trump ahead of Biden in swing states

July 9, 2023

An Echelon Insights poll gave former President Donald Trump a slight lead over President Joe Biden overall and a larger lead when looking at swing states that often decide close elections.

In a three-way contest between Trump, Biden, and independent candidate Cornel West, Trump had 43%, Biden 42% and West 4%.

When looking specifically at swing states, however, Trump's lead grows to 8%, with him sitting at 48% and Biden at 40%.

This is outside the poll's margin of error of 3.9%. It was taken between June 26 and 29.

Biden's approval was 44% and disapproval was 55%, leaving him 11 points underwater.

This will make it tough for Biden to get enough support to be reelected, and with the way his policies have failed, it's no surprise.

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