Donald Trump a 'failed president,' Fox News' Brit Hume says

By Jen Krausz on
 August 9, 2023

Fox News host Brit Hume called former President Donald Trump a "failed president" during an interview with Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk, triggering a backlash from commenters.

Kirk suggested that those on the left oppose Trump so strongly because of his successes as president, but Hume did not agree.

“If Trump was such a failed president, why are they doing everything they possibly can to prevent a second term of Trump?” said Kirk.

“Oh, I don’t know. Maybe they don’t want a repeat of a failed presidency. Just guessing here,” responded Hume.

Hume did not elaborate on what he meant by "failed presidency," or how he thought Trump had failed, but Fox News's audience was quick to chime in with their disagreement.

“Cheap gas, more and better jobs, no new wars, stable inflation, growing investment accounts, less red tape… Yeah, such a failure,” one social media user said. “All you’ve done is reveal your disconnect with average people, and highlight how Trump was only bad for DC insiders like yourself, Brit.”