Donald Jr. Reveals Who's Financially Supporting DeSantis

 July 20, 2023

Donald Trump Jr. thinks that Ron DeSantis is NOT a good option to be America's next president.

According to Trump Jr., Florida's governor is having his presidential campaign bankrolled by the Never Trump billionaire donor movement. This is a problem for America, Trump Jr. says, because the movement is going to expect to be able to "control" DeSantis if he manages to pull off the upset and become the Republican nominee.

At the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida, Trump Jr. was asked why DeSantis did not attend the event despite it happening in his home state.

Surprisingly, he even did it without calling DeSantis "pudding fingers."

"I live here. I live right up the road and Gov. DeSantis hasn’t been here seemingly in months. You had flooding a couple months ago in Fort Lauderdale. And he was on his perpetual book tour that was, you know, the three-month long book tour," Donald Jr. said. "I have two best sellers, and I’ve never seen a book tour go that long in my life."

"I think it’s a big joke. You can create a lot of personality with social media influencers, as they have done for the last two years sort of de facto running against Trump. The reality is, in a Republican primary, like eventually you have to put that guy on the stage. And let’s just say, you know, once you get to know Ron DeSantis, you get to not like Ron DeSantis," the former president's son added.