Devon Archer's Wife Falsely Claims She Had 'No Involvement' in husband's business

 August 9, 2023

At this point, it's not even really that surprising to find out just how many criminals and crooks with whom Hunter Biden and Joe Biden were getting into bed.

That number just keeps on growing.

The latest business partner proven to be a complete liar is Krista Archer, the wife of Devon Archer.

Krista has been claiming recently that she never had any involvement in her husband Devon Archer's business activities.

The only issue with her statement is that ALL of the evidence points to the contrary.

"I have no idea what he did in his business," Krista Archer said in July 2023. "I’m a doctor, I go to work and mind my own business." She insisted:

I swear I don’t. I stay out of it.

Except that's not true at all.

Not only does Krista not stay out of it, but she's also elbow-deep in corruption just like the rest of them.

In fact, she had a 10% ownership stake in one of the foreign companies with which Biden-related businesses were dealing.

That doesn't sound like "staying out of it" to me.