Despite Liberal Judge's Best Efforts, America Still Loves Trump

 November 9, 2023

We all know that liberals simply don't have a case against Donald Trump.

All they're doing is attempting to sap Trump's money and energy in the courtrooms so that he doesn't have a chance on the campaign trail.

Despite the best efforts of Judge Arthur Engoron, the man overseeing the former president's civil fraud trial in New York, he just can't keep Trump down.

He has tried a gag order, he has tried fining Trump, and he has tried bad-mouthing the current GOP primary frontrunner.

But whatever Engoron does, it simply isn't hurting Trump in the polls.

In fact, Trump is beating Joe Biden nationally right now, and some people might even go so far as to say that it's BECAUSE of people like Judge Engoron publicizing Trump, not despite it.