DeSantis Would Use Wall And Military To Deter Cartels

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to announce his candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination as soon as next month, although he hasn't done so yet.

That's because the state of Florida recently changed its "resign to run" law specifically for him. Previously, Ron DeSantis would have had to abandon his post as Florida's governor to pursue the presidency, but not any longer.

DeSantis seems ready to take advantage of the new rules very soon, as evidenced by the fact that he's already giving very campaign-like interviews.

His most recent interview gave him the opportunity to say how he would handle America's failing southern border and the Mexican cartels causing problems near it:

"I've said publicly, I've always supported the wall just because it's such a big border. You can have border protection. You will never be able to have enough," DeSantis said. "Cartels will direct people where there's surveillance, so you have to have that. I think it's important."

He also thinks that Joe Biden needs to "get serious" about our border security very soon or it may be too late by the time a Republican takes office, declaring:

What I've told people publicly is if Joe Biden wants to get serious about that, give me a call. We had a situation where we had a hurricane come through Southwest Florida that knocked out a bridge going to Pine Island and severed the causeway to Sanibel in three different places. They were not state bridges, but locals came to me and said, 'Can you help us because we're stranded, and we can't wait six months.'