DeSantis vows to fire Jack Smith if elected president in 2024

 December 30, 2023

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), once seen as former President Donald Trump's strongest GOP opponent, now seems desperate to generate new buzz.

According to The Hill, he made some headlines this week after he vowed to fire Special Counsel Jack Smith on "day one" should he be elected president next year.

In an interview with Fox News host Jason Chaffetz, DeSantis attempted to position himself as the better choice for the GOP nomination next year, while saying that he would be able to keep the attention on Biden and Democrats for weaponizing the system.

He implied that Trump as a candidate would not be able to do that effectively, given his vast number of legal battles.

"I think that a guy like me as the nominee will be able to keep the focus on Biden, keep the focus on the Democrats’ failures,” DeSantis said, "but then, more importantly, after you win the election, start holding these people accountable, who have weaponized the legal system to go after their political enemies."

Clearly trying to score points with Trump's supporters, DeSantis vowed to take action against Smith.

"And that starts with day one, firing somebody like Jack Smith. That goes to dealing with people who are violating constitutional rights at the state and local government area," DeSantis said.

The Hill noted:

DeSantis’s remarks echo much of the sentiment in Trumps remarks, which often focus on the so-called “weaponization” of the Justice Department and holding accountable those responsible for some of Trump’s legal troubles. In pledging to fire Smith, DeSantis further aligns himself with some of Trump’s campaign promises.

Many believe DeSantis is attempting to gain some favor from voters who are more apt to align with Trump's view on the cases he faces, especially given the governor's low polling numbers.

Social media users reacted to DeSantis' vow to fire Smith if he's elected president.

"It's irrelevant what DeSantis would do. He's not going to be President," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Except Ron DeSantis has no chance of winning unless they keep Trump off the ballot… Which is what the elite Cabal probably told Ron to get him to turn on Trump. "Don't worry Ronnie baby, we'll get him out of the way."

Only time will tell if DeSantis gets his chance, but given the current numbers and atmosphere, his chances of winning the nomination are slim, let alone the actual presidency.