DeSantis vows to eliminate federal agencies, including IRS

By Jen Krausz on
 July 3, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came out on Fox News this week with claims that as president, he would eliminate a number of federal agencies, including the Departments of Energy, Education and Commerce, as well as the IRS.

When asked if he supports a flat tax, DeSantis said, "So, the answer's yes. I think the IRS is a corrupt organization and I think it's not a friend to the average citizen or taxpayer. We need something totally different."

"I've supported all of the single rate proposals, I think they would be a huge improvement over the current system and I would be welcoming to take this tax system, chunk it out the window and do something that's more favorable to the average folks," he continued.

DeSantis conceded that he may not be able to get bills through Congress to abolish these agencies, but would instead use them to “push back against woke ideology" if he could not get rid of them entirely.

The four agencies he mentioned employ more than 165,000 people, which means that laying them off to dismantle the larger agencies could displace a lot of workers and throw the country fully into a recession, but it would do wonders for the bloated federal budget and get rid of an awful lot of red tape.

While many conservatives hold similar views to DeSantis about the size of the federal government, it is almost considered a fringe position to eliminate whole agencies from it. If anyone could do it, however, it would be DeSantis.