DeSantis Sides With Florida Teachers In Decision: 'Common Sense'

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is a leader in America on many fronts, and anti-woke policies might be his biggest strength of all.

Teachers are a profession that seems to be run over quite frequently in America, especially when our liberal government expects them to indoctrinate our next generation to the left's way of thinking.

Teachers aren't robots though, they're people. DeSantis seems to be one of the few lawmakers who understands that.

He's proving it by supporting teachers and parents in any way he can, including by signing several bills on May 9.

The new laws are part of a multi-year education overhaul in Florida that is meant to combat things like critical race theory and "woke activism."

That's why DeSantis is instituting the "common sense" policy that teachers are now allowed to restrict social media access during their class times.

"It gives teachers the authority to establish classroom rules on cell phone and device use during instructional time," DeSantis said.