DeSantis Sees No Campaign Launch Bump

Most presidential candidates receive a surge in popularity when their run goes from a presumed one to a confirmed one.

Unfortunately for fans of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, the Sunshine State's chief executive received exactly zero percent of that ordinary improvement.

In what can only be described as DeSantis' and Elon Musk's worst nightmare, it would appear as though the governor's disastrous launch on Twitter Spaces actually resulted in his popularity taking a step backward.

DeSantis was trying to revolutionize America by being the first person to ever declare their intent to run for president on Twitter. Instead of producing a historic moment, DeSantis' launch has become known for its serious of problems instead of any successes.

The event began seven minutes late, there were audio problems without, and Ron DeSantis himself even appeared to leave the presentation at one moment.

It may have cost DeSantis quite a bit, as Donald Trump's popularity has actually gone up five points in the days since the governor declared his candidacy.

Do you think DeSantis has time to recover? Only time will tell.