DeSantis Promises To End Woke Military

 July 20, 2023

Ron DeSantis, if elected America's next president, has promised to do at least one thing:

Make America safer.

Part of that plan will make conservatives VERY happy.

How about instead of worrying about whether or not our military is politically correct enough, we worry about whether or not it's keeping Americans safe enough.

Joe Biden and his minions have absolutely refused to address that issue for his entire presidency, and America's military may be in one of its weakest states in quite some time. In fact, Biden even let it slip recently that America was running low on military supplies on account of everything we've been sending to Ukraine.

DeSantis has already announced that he is REFUSING to do the same, saying:

Our mantra on January 20, 2025, as commander-in-chief will be very simple: Mission First.

It's unfortunate that the thing that should have been our goal all along is simply an afterthought to the current administration.

Hopefully that all changes after 2024.