DeSantis May Experience 'Growing Pains' Ahead Of Likely Presidential Run

 April 1, 2023

As if having Donald Trump mock Ron DeSantis at every opportunity hasn't been stressful enough for the Florida governor, he's got a new problem on his hands, namely, his position on Russia's war in Ukraine.

Perhaps it isn't so much that Ron voiced his opinion, it's how he reacted to the criticism surrounding it. Instead of being sure of himself, as usual, Ron DeSantis has attempted several times to clarify his remarks. Each time only seemed to make the problem worse.

DeSantis originally described the Russia--Ukraine war as a "territorial dispute," which was apparently the wrong thing to say.

Perhaps it's just the old guard of the GOP threatened by exciting young blood like Ron's, but many Republicans are speaking out to say this speaking fumble may indicate that DeSantis isn't ready for the national spotlight.

"He talks too much," one GOP advisor said.

Will Ron recover by voting day 2024? Will he even run? Comment your opinion below.