DeSantis Loses Ground Against Republican Field In NH

 June 29, 2023

Donald Trump is extending his lead.

Ron DeSantis is doing anything but.

The two leaders of the GOP popularity contest are headed in opposite directions.

New Hampshire in particular is a very important state for Republicans, because the very first primary of election season is held in the Granite State.

Among voters there, Donald Trump is the favorite candidate of 47% of them.

DeSantis, who used to be much closer to Trump, sits at just 19%.

It's really shocking because it almost makes him look like he's closer to "the field" than he is to Donald Trump.

We thought this was going to be a two-horse race.

Trump is trying to turn it into a one-horse race.

Or maybe the witch hunts against him are doing the work on his behalf.

Chris Christie is still no threat, sitting at just 6% support.

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