DeSantis influencers say they won't unite behind Trump

By Jen Krausz on
 January 22, 2024

Some major supporters of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are saying in the wake of his exit from the 2024 primary race that they will not unite behind former President Donald Trump even though DeSantis endorsed Trump when he bowed out.

In particular, Jenna Ellis posted several incredulous tweets about the whole thing. Here is one.

Ellis is a little salty because she got charged with Trump as a co-conspirator in the so-called efforts to overturn the election in Georgia. She turned against Trump and will probably be a witness against him if the case ever goes to trial.

DeSantis advisor Robert Salvador tweeted, “We’re not uniting behind Trump,” with a long list of grievances about how Trump's campaign mistreated DeSantis.

“F**k YOU TRUMP!!! #NeverUnite,” DeSantis influencer Chris Nelson posted.

Trump said he was "honored" by DeSantis' endorsement and seemed to let go of their feud. Who knows what the future will bring once DeSantis finishes his term as governor.