DeSantis Vows To Expose Sexually Graphic Books In School Libraries

March 9, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced this week that his administration will expose inappropriate books in schools.

DeSantis said the books are "so graphic" that some of them may not be allowed on the air.

"The DeSantis administration has long sparred with the establishment media over targeting inappropriate books in schools, but the governor said they are just getting started and plan to expose these books so all can see what taxpayers are actually funding," reported Breitbart.

"We’re gonna expose exactly the books that parents are concerned about. You guys will not even be able to put it on your air because it’s gonna be so, so graphic," DeSantis said.

"And you’re gonna say that that’s appropriate for a 10-year-old or an 11-year-old?" he asked. "And so we’ve been able to empower parents with our curriculum transparency."

"They go in and say, you know, if I’m gonna send my 10-year-old daughter [to school], I don’t think I want this there with all these graphic images. That’s not appropriate, and this is our tax dollars going to fund this," DeSantis said before asking, "Why would we fund this with our tax dollars?"

Bryan Griffin, press secretary to DeSantis, brought one controversial book titled Let’s Talk About It: The Teen’s Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human to the attention of Florida parents last month. The book contains graphic, pornographic images.

Florida’s Broward County Schools eventually removed the book, which tells children that virginity "just doesn’t work anymore in today’s world."