DeSantis says 'party is over' for Disney

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis delivered more bad news to Disney.

DeSantis has declared that Disney's party is "over" regarding its self-governance.

"DeSantis's statement was made on the same day he signed a law giving his board the power to end Disney's self-governance deal," reported the Washington Examiner. "The Florida governor claimed that when the self-governance deal was originally made, it was with the intent that Disney build communities where people could live, a promise that the company 'never followed through.'"

"But at the end of the day, they just have to understand the party is over for them," DeSantis said. "OK, they had 60 years of privileges that no other corporation in America has had."

"DeSantis's latest actions come after Disney filed a lawsuit against DeSantis in April, with the lawsuit alleging that Florida violated Disney's First Amendment right to free speech," reported the Examiner. "The feud between the governor and Disney originated in March 2022 after the company claimed Florida's Parental Rights in Education law 'should never have been signed into law' and that Disney's goal was to have the law 'repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts."

DeSantis has not announced a 2024 presidential run, although he is expected to in coming weeks.

Recent polling reveals that both Trump and DeSantis would beat President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris if the presidential election were held today.

Additionally, the polling revealed that most respondents do not want Trump or Biden to serve another term as president.