DeSantis Calls For Antitrust Action If Twitter Removed From Apple Store

December 1, 2022

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants Congress to take Apple's threat to remove Twitter from its App Store very seriously.

If Elon Musk's claims are true that Apple is already threatening him, Ron DeSantis wants America to be on high alert.

He said as much during a recent guest spot on Fox News, in which host Tucker Carlson asked DeSantis to name some things that can be done for Americans who continue to experience limitations on their free speech:

While existing as an American — supposedly American company using our copyright protections, our rule of law to their own advantage, they are benefiting from America, but working against our most basic value, which is free speech. What can be done about that?

DeSantis wasted no time giving America just the answer they were looking for:

Well, Tucker, in the states, you know, we did Big Tech censorship bill two years ago. It has gotten caught up in the Courts. I think the U.S. Supreme Court is going to accept that case for this term. Texas has a similar case. There is a conflict in the circuits. And so whatever the States can do to protect people’s rights to engage in free expression, and you know what, some of these companies do, they get a lot of benefits from the government, as you said, pat and things like that, the social media companies get liability protection, and yet they turn around, and they use that protection to marginalize voices they disagree with.

The governor then wrapped up his message:

So I think from the congressional perspective, though, they need to look at antitrust with these massive companies because they are exercising massive amounts of power over our society.