Ron DeSantis ATTACKED By Californian - Voters Stunned...

July 16, 2022

As one of the faces of the Republican Party, Ron DeSantis is sure to face some unfair criticism.

Of course people who don't know any better are simply going to point at him as some sort of evil man, a bigot cut from the same cloth as that racist and sexist Donald Trump.

Don't take it personally, Ron. It's just how they treat all conservatives these days.

To be honest though, you expect these types of attacks to come from the bozo down the street who doesn't understand politics, economics, or common sense.

You know, dumb liberal voters angry at the GOP because the liberals said that's what's preventing free handouts.

It's tough when it's coming from near the top of America's federal government.

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently put pen to paper and somehow managed to write a book.

In it, he accused DeSantis of being a bigot.

The weirdest part about it?

Newsom has literally never met Ron or had a conversation face-to-face with Ron in his entire life.

Now we know where the average liberal voter has learned to spew unfounded rhetoric from.

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