Dershowitz: Hunter's Plea Deal Shouldn't Be Accepted Unless Garland Testifies

 June 29, 2023

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz knows a lot more about the legal system in America than I ever will.

That's why it makes me so happy to learn that he's thinking exactly like I am when it comes to Hunter Biden's plea deal:

Hunter simply isn't being held accountable for all of his actions.

There are six witnesses who whistleblower Gary Shapley's team claims can corroborate Gary's accusations against Hunter.

They should have time in court before Hunter Biden is allowed to get away with America not knowing the facts of his crimes.

"The judge who is sentencing Hunter Biden and who has to approve of the plea deal, must call Garland, must call Weiss, must call these six witnesses, and must say, look, Hunter Biden’s lawyers, we know you want the deal to go through. Justice Department, we know you want the deal to go through. But I’m a judge, I represent the people of the United States of America," Dershowitz said. He added:

The law provides that a judge need not accept a plea bargain agreed to by both sides if there is a problem here, and if he concludes, for example, that Weiss was denied the ability to investigate beyond Delaware, then the deal’s off. Because the deal probably ends any possibility of prosecution in the District of Columbia or in Los Angeles, and if those were foreclosed in violation of what Garland said would be available to Weiss, then the deal’s off, and you have to go back to square one, you have to conclude the investigation, and then you decide whether or not to make a plea bargain. Right now, the judge should not accept this plea bargain without hearing from Garland, Weiss, and the six witnesses.