Rep. Derrick Van Orden Says There's Serious Concern Biden Is 'Compromised'

 August 1, 2023

Representative Derrick Van Orden, a Republican from Wisconsin, recently stepped up to the plate and confirmed that America's worst fears about Joe Biden might be true:

Americans "should be really, really concerned if the president of the United States is compromised by a foreign entity."

Van Orden got on the subject after Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Borle asked him to "talk about the media’s blowout after the Wisconsin Republican reportedly confronted teenagers who were lying down on the floor of the U.S. Capitol."

Van Orden had one reason as to why he believes the media is so focused on his actions:

They're trying to distract America from looking at the Bidens.

"There were some people lying on the floor, in the capitol rotunda on the exact geographic spot, where Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, George Bush the first, exactly where their bodies laid in state, like the physical location. There’s a marble circle in the middle of the rotunda, and they were lying right there," Van Orden said.

The lawmaker continued, "People don’t understand that that rotunda was a field hospital during the Civil War. And we don’t even know how many men who were fighting to end slavery died in that room. And they were just showing blatant and gross disrespect for that. And I’m just not going to put up with that." Van Orden went on:

And I don’t want to oversell things and you know, build this up, because although there is what appears to be incredibly compelling evidence, hardcore evidence that the Biden crime family is just not a crime family, but taking bribes from people overseas and lying about it and making the Justice Department not report it and not send the appropriate documents that had been found to the IRS. And those there are very, very serious and credible accusations out there about Hunter Biden or about Joe Biden and the sitting president.

"And can you imagine, if this accusation of the president of the United States taking $5 million from Chinese entity is true? That means that he’s completely compromised to the Chinese Communist Party. And then what are we gonna say about that, then we’re gonna, we’re gonna give him a bye, because he’s not, I don’t think physically or mentally with us all the way. No, that’s a crime. That’s a high crime and misdemeanor, for real, that’s bribery," Van Orden continued. "Any American, that’s a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or someone who doesn’t vote should be really, really concerned if the President of the United States is compromised by a foreign entity," Van Orden added. "And, again, I don’t want to oversell these things. I don’t want people to get incredibly dead set thinking that these are going to be proven at some point, but there are 100 percent very, very credible pieces of evidence indicating that that’s the case." The congressman concluded:

Here’s what we’re doing that they didn’t do for two years, unfortunately. We’re governing. And governing takes compromise, not capitulation, compromise. Because if you’re not willing to come to the table with people within your own conference, or in the Democratic caucus, and talk to them and find out what’s good for them, and what’s good for their constituents, your ruling, that’s what Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden did for two years, they ruled, they did not govern. There’s about five Democrats. I mean, you’ve learned so much stuff, and you’re there, there’s really about five Democrats in the entire House of Representatives that had any decision-making capability at all. And the rest of them were just told how they’re going to vote, which to me, I would have been so angry if I was one of those folks.