Deputy to Jack Smith reprimanded for 'gross negligence' in previous case

By Jen Krausz on
 June 14, 2023

The woman serving as Trump Special Counsel Jack Smith's deputy prosecutor, Karen Gilbert, was previously reprimanded for "gross negligence" for secretly taping a defense lawyer and investigator, according to an agency source.

Gilbert was instrumental in getting the 37-count indictment against Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents and trying to cover it up.

The misconduct stemmed from a 2009 case in Miami against a doctor who was allegedly prescribing drugs illegally.

Gilbert and a colleague were investigating witness tampering in the case and got two witnesses to record conversations between the doctor's lawyer and investigator, according to court records.

The pair violated discovery rules by not getting authorization to record the defense members and by not informing the defense team that the witnesses were in cooperation with the prosecution.

Not only was Gilbert negligent, but she also had no basis to investigate them, the judge said, and the doctor was acquitted of all charges. It's not a huge surprise that there are unethical people like this after Trump.