Dems trying to push through early mail-in voting in special election to replace Santos

By Jen Krausz on
 December 15, 2023

A new law permitting expanded early mail-in voting in New York could get its first test with the special election to replace expelled former Rep. George Santos in the House, if a Republican lawsuit isn't able to stop it from taking effect on Jan. 1.

Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) signed the law expanding access to absentee voting in September.

Before the new law was signed, New Yorkers were required to give a reason for requesting an absentee ballot, but now they can get one for no reason at all.

Republicans don't yet have a candidate for the special election. They are suing to prevent the expanded access to mail-in voting in hopes of stopping its implementation.

Santos's seat is very much up for grabs, and the fact that he was expelled from the chamber after lying about his qualifications and being criminally charged with fraud may hurt Republicans' chances of retaining it.

A Democrat victory in the special election would make the current four-seat Republican majority in the house even slimmer and make it harder to get anything accomplished there.