Dems Said They'd Help Save McCarthy, Then Destroyed Him

October 10, 2023

Multiple House Democrats had reportedly given indicators to Republicans that they would help former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, from being removed from his position.

They lied.

A GOP member of the Problem Solvers Caucus said that "right up until the final days, Democrats signaled they may at least be open to voting 'present' to lower the threshold needed for McCarthy’s political survival."

"Even people like that were saying they were going to vote present. And something changed over the weekend. So yes, the members of the Problem Solvers gave absolutely no indication that they were going to side with Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida," the source said.

"We wanted them to vote present for the first round on the motion, to make the motion to table, so that they could have time to rewrite the rules package. And the Democrats wouldn't even give us the courtesy of 48 hours to try to sort this out," the source concluded.

Sorry, Kevin.

Democrats lie every day. Looks like this time, it actually had consequences.

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