Dems Fear Black Voters Will Not Support Biden In 2024

 August 2, 2023

The Washington Post explained that in 2020, Joe Biden won the White House mainly because of the number of Black voters who came out to support him.

New evidence suggests that Biden is going to struggle to find anywhere near that level of commitment from Black voters in America come 2024.

The report cited the fact that 51.7% of Black Americans turned out to vote in the 2018 midterms, compared to just 42% in 2022.

The decline of almost ten points didn't happen just anywhere though. The Post said that the decline is happening in "key states like Georgia, the center of Democrats’ plans to mobilize Black voters in large margins for Biden in 2024." The report went on:

The drop in Black turnout has become a focus for Democratic leaders as the party reorients to next year’s presidential contest. Biden’s election in 2020 hinged on narrow victories in states like Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania that former president Donald Trump had won in 2016. Democratic activists are cautioning that the party can’t afford to let support from Black voters slip.

W. Mondale Robinson, founder of the Black Male Voter Project, shared a dire assessment of Democrats’ potential turnout problems with Black men. In many of the battleground states, he said many Black men are “sporadic or non-voters,” meaning they are registered, but have voted in one or none of the past three presidential elections. Robinson said Democrats spend too much time focused on converting “conservative-leaning White women” in the suburbs who they see as swing voters. Instead, he said, they should focus more on turning out Black men, viewing them as swing voters who are debating whether to vote or stay home.

The trouble with the assumption from liberals that Black voters will continue to support them is flawed, because most of those Americans have been living under Biden for years now, and their lives are much worse, not better.