Democrats Worried About Kamala Harris' Political Prospects

 January 31, 2023

Jacquelyn Bettadapur is the longtime leader of the Cobb County Democrats.

In that position, Bettadapur has spent a career becoming aware of everything that can possibly influence a political campaign.

She's watching the political atmosphere, keeping tabs on who and what is trending which direction.

Unfortunately for one of the former darlings of the Democratic Party, Kamala Harris, Bettadapur is predicting that our current vice president, Kamala Harris, is one of the people whose stock is in a massive slide.

America doesn't "know enough about what she’s doing" and "it doesn’t help that she’s not adept as a communicator."

Many Democratic leaders in key states were asked by about how they feel about Harris possible being the heir to Biden's throne in 2024 or beyond. Some of the responses were so negative that the Democrats only agreed to speak their mind on the condition of anonymity.

Bettadapur is so concerned about Biden's age in 2024 that she has suggested Democrats should look to a better alternative.

The only problem with that, and even Bettadapur will admit this, they don't have a better alternative. It was supposed to be Kamala, but she just isn't up to the task. And Democrats know it.