Democrats Slam Biden For Bypassing Congress To Strike Yemen

 January 13, 2024

Some Democrats in America are voicing their frustrations that Joe Biden did not seek congressional approval before striking Houthi positions in Yemen recently.

Biden finally seems to have grown a set, and he apparently isn't going to listen to EVERYTHING that the radical left says.

That is good when it comes to his stance on supporting Israel over Hamas, but maybe not so good when it comes to bypassing Congress.

After all, just because you agree with Biden's decision to strike Yemen does not mean that it was the right decision to sidestep Congress.

Rules are rules, and if Biden isn't willing to play by them, then that could certainly come back to bite Republicans in the future.

All we are asking for in America is a fair and balanced legal and political system.

That should not be too much to ask of any president, regardless of their party affiliation.