Democrats should 'panic' over Biden's dismal poll numbers, liberal strategist says

By Jen Krausz on
 December 23, 2023

Liberal strategist David Faris said Democrats should "panic" at President Joe Biden's low polling numbers which he said are "worse" than they look.

The latest Monmouth University poll put Biden's approval rating at only 34%, the lowest number of his presidency.

"Precisely how scared Democrats should be about Biden’s standing depends on how his plight compares with those of presidents past. And there’s no sugarcoating it: This might be the worst polling environment for an incumbent president one year out from an election since the advent of the polling era in the 1930s and also the most dire situation facing any Democratic presidential candidate in decades," Faris wrote. "Panic is entirely warranted."

Former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump all had significantly higher approval at this point in their first terms: 58%, 45%, and 44%, respectively.

Even the RealClearPolitics average only puts Biden at 40.5%, and he's underwater -15%, more than twice the negative Trump has right now.

"He’s in a considerably more grim position than the one who lost his second campaign by 7 million votes," Faris said.