Democrats Need Backup Plan For 2024. Is It Hillary?

 January 3, 2024

President Joe Biden is running out of options, and his administration knows it.

Biden is suffering in the polls, and on top of that, many Democrats now believe he is “too old” to seek reelection.

Typically, the vice president would be a superb candidate to put in Biden's place, but even the Democrats know America would not elect Kamala Harris.

Harris’ approval rating is even lower than Biden’s.

The Biden administration needs a backup plan. At this point, the president's supporters are grasping at straws.

One name that may be on the short list of replacement candidates will leave former President Donald Trump cackling.

Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Only time will tell if the Democratic Party needs to use a backup candidate.

But, if they do, and the best option they have is Hillary Clinton, it is safe to say Donald Trump is a shoo-in.

Every day, it becomes more and more likely that 2024 is the year Trump will take back the White House!

We could not be happier. America NEEDS Donald Trump now more than ever!

The Democrats have kept the depth chart behind Joe Biden hidden, but I'd love to take a look at that to see what their plan actually is for when old Joe keels over.