Democrats make strong push to upset vulnerable Republican Mississippi governor

November 5, 2023

Going into 2024, there hasn't been much good news for Democrats, and the future is looking bleak. However, in Mississippi, Democrats believe they have spotted a great opportunity to pull off an upset and nab a governor's seat in a traditionally conservative state.

Republican Gov.Tate Reeves is struggling with low approval ratings and a serious scandal involving welfare.

This is Reeves's first term as governor of Mississippi, and Democratic challenger Brandon Presley has a shot at an unexpected victory for Democrats.

Mississippi's state House and Senate are held by Republicans, meaning that the entire state is currently under the control of the GOP, unless Presley pulls off a victory.

Jessica Taylor of the Cook Political Report explained that the gubernatorial race is “a competitive fight with added intrigue," thanks to Presley being an “unusually strong challenger."

If this analysis is accurate, Republicans in Mississippi need to get their act together. A Democrat being able to compete in a deep red state is a strong indicator of major dysfunction in the party.

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